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Started by four high school students from the city of Issaquah, originallyYouth for Masks and nowYouth Against Covid-19, consists of two chapters: Washington and New York. There are over 200 students across Washington state who are working to help the frontline medical workers in the Washington chapter. Since the start of this outbreak, they have been deeply concerned with the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their extended families have been living in this crisis in foreign countries, such as China, Korea, and India, giving them a personal understanding of the effects of this pervasive worldwide pandemic. As the situation with COVID-19 became increasingly detrimental, schools closed as did other public facilities. Soon after, close friends and family who work in hospitals have been sharing the alarming news of PPE shortage. As the outbreak separates our community in a trying time, they want to encourage unity and togetherness to battle the divisions that this pandemic has caused.



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At Washington Youth Against Covid-19 we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing PPE shortage issue in Washington state. With a main focus in distributing FDA approved medical grade masks, we have started a fundraising project to deliver ~50,000 masks to at least 4 different hospitals across the state.



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